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Our project Van part II

It is that time again to take you on a little tour and show you the next steps of our little building project (the first part is here). I want to start by saying that when we started this “little” project in March, we planned to finish around mid-April. I certainly don’t want to discourage you, but keep in mind that if you decide to build your own little RV, it will probably take you more time than you first think.

Refrigerator story

After literally cutting our old refrigerator out of the van, we ordered a new one. We trusted the recommendation of a man from the West Marine shop, and bought a small, Dometic brand, drawer-like refrigerator that runs on electricity. Because we had to order an entirely new refrigerator, it also meant ordering and installing one more solar panel to have enough electricity to feed it.

The new fridge is bigger

Around our new fridge we built completely new shelves. We also finished our last kitchen cabinet.

We have a water tank as well, so I can enjoy washing dishes in the fancy sink.

Sound system

My husband also decided he wanted to make our van life more comfortable in the entertainment department. Because we spend so much time in the van, cooking, sleeping, living, but also traveling and working on the van, he installed a special sound system for us. I can tell you that now we have so many switches, I sometimes don’t know what they are for.


And now, the most wonderful part of the building process: our floor. We went to a few flooring stores and often the workers assured us that the engineered wood is always made with high quality glue, but we were skeptical. We knew that real hardwood floors could be very expensive, but we also knew that engineered wood could be very dangerous. This is because of the glue that helps the layers stick together. We knew that real hardwood floors can be very expensive. 

During our research we found many stories about people feeling sick after installing engineered hardwood floors, likely from the fumes and evaporated glue. After our research we chose real Mahogany wood, and luckily for us, we got the last box in stock from the local store. We secured it with nails and screws and avoided the glue altogether. Here is the result.

Being technical

My husband also loves technical gadgets, so we have an extra control panel to show us the details of our installed appliances.

Control panels

The finishing touches were curtains and covers for our lights to match.

We love the updates! Especially with the real hardwood floor, the van now feels like a real home on wheels. How do you like it?


Translation with the help of Ellie Farrier

I am a Montessori teacher, a woman, and an admirer of nature. My passion is keeping my household ecological and gentle. I have been making changes in my life and home for the last few years, with intention of living a more fulfilling life with the smallest burden on nature as possible. I love to share my experiences and I like to show others that these changes can be joyful and easy to apply.


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