Pure Earth Woman

Hi, my name is Kristyna and I call myself PureEarthWoman. 
Pure – as in genuine and pure, because I managed to find my way back to nature, to healthy food, clean beauty products, and an ecological household. 
Earth – for our Mother Earth, because I see and realize the power of nature, and it has been a huge inspiration throughout my life.
Woman – because I am a woman and I love being a woman. 
On these pages I share my journey to more a conscious life. Conscious food, conscious household, and conscious movement. 
About what a conscious life means for me I am also writing articles. I write about an ecological and gentle household, zero waste, fair fashion, healthy food, and movement. I also like to write about topics involving women empowerment and self-love.
Apart from my articles you can follow my actual posts on Facebook and Instagram. On social media, I share bits and pieces of my life, photographs, stories from traveling, ecological tips and reflections, tips for shopping at farmers markets and bulk stores, and tips for natural beauty products. 


I also got married in 2017 and I wanted our wedding to reflect who we truly are. The wedding was in an old factory that I was cleaning out for about a month beforehand with the help of my friends. I bought  most of the decorations second hand. I used about 300 wine bottles, and all the table cloths were from thrift stores. If you would like to know more about our factory wedding, click here: 

More about the wedding

Have a beautiful day!