More About Me

My name is Kristyna and I enjoy the factory so much. It is original, unique, and the perfect place to foster creativity. When I discovered the chance to have a wedding here I completely threw myself into organizing it. I had so much fun! The theme reflected both of us of course, and it was easy to mold it into how we wanted it to be. We are vegans with an ecological mindset, so our wedding had to be vegan as well. We bought about 90% of all decorations second hand. We altered old tablecloths and textiles, and composted the plates and flowers as they were either from farm, field, or garden.

Your wedding can be exactly the same, or completely different. Your wedding can be vegan or not. With my help in planning it we can care for nature, reduce the waste from the party, and enjoy it as well!

… small details

The factory space can easily accommodate 300 guests, and is separated into a few different areas, all of which are open and spacious. We can also adjust the space for a more intimate celebration if that is your vision. Decorations are the key to the uniqueness and individuality of the celebration, so you can trust that I will care about all the details.